Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Do You Choose To Believe?

Each of us has an important choice. It is the most important choice any of us will ever make. A choice that will effect us for all eternity. We must choose what we really believe. Based on the evidence we have available to us, each of us must decide if we want to believe that there is a part of us that will live on after our physical bodies cease to exist, or if this life is all there is.

If we choose to believe that we do not have an eternal soul, then we have no hope for anything after this life is over. For those that choose not to believe in an afterlife, then once this life is over they simply cease to exist and there is nothing more. For those who do not believe in an afterlife, while they are still alive, there are no real consequences for their actions other than what people choose to inject upon one another based on their own feelings or desires. As human beings, we like to determine moral standards of right and wrong based upon our own thoughts, needs, wants and experiences. These standards change from person to person and are different for everyone. Mankind alone is not able to determine and set a moral standard.

If there is an afterlife and each of us has a soul, then we need to ask ourselves What Will Happen To Us When We Die? Each of us also needs to decide whether we choose to believe in God and the Bible. Are we willing to take the chance of losing our souls for all eternity by choosing not to believe in something greater than ourselves. Is it worth losing our souls to live as we want to please ourselves in this life? Why would we not want to seek out all of the evidence that is available to us about God, the Bible and an afterlife and do our best to serve God in order to have the hope of eternal life?

Based on all of the evidence available to us, the only reliable source that tells us about The Existence Of God and our final destination is the Bible. If we choose to believe that the Bible is from God, it gives us everything we need to know to be right with Him and to live happy, productive lives.

For those of us that have seriously examined the evidence and claim that we have chosen to believe in God, we must ask ourselves, are we really doing everything God has told us to? We need to examine ourselves on a regular basis, study God’s word, pray and then determine if we are really serving Him. If we do not keep all of God’s word, do we really believe in Him? Many people claim that they believe in God, but want to pick and choose which parts of His word that they want to follow. According to the Bible, we have to obey all of God’s word (1 John 5:3). The Bible tells us what our Godly responsibilities are and what we must do to be right with God. The Bible also tells us about God’s love for us. God loved us so much that he sent his only son Jesus, (John 3:16) to die a terrible death on the cross so that each of us could have the hope of eternal life with Him. The Bible also tells us that even though we are also to love one another (John 13:34), we can not compromise God’s word.

When a person obeys God’s Plan Of Salvation, as is outlined in the Bible and they become a Christian, or a follower of Christ, they must choose to do their best to live according to what God has asked us to do. Even though God loves us, he also expects us to be obedient to him in all things. We cannot serve God and man (Luke 16:13) and be right with God. God’s holy word is the only way we can determine what is truly right and wrong and how we are to live. Anything we do that is contrary to God’s word is sin. The Bible tells us that sin separates us from God and unrepented sin will cost us our salvation (II Corinthians 7:10).

In the end, each of us must make a choice. Do we choose to ignore God’s word and live as we want in this life and take the chance of losing our souls forever, or are we willing to turn to God, submit ourselves to Him and have the hope of eternal life?

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